Concept Drawings


Here you can find the concept-stuff. If you are looking for the Kyoko-projects or the "Messages From Kyoko", you will find them in the "Letters To Kyoko"-section.

If you are one of Kyoko´s friends from Deviant-Art, you might find, that some of the pictures have been edited and are different to the versions at DA.

Not all Kyoko-drawings can be found here. Some of the really naughty pics can be found in the FORUM only, while the really old, embaressing drawings are only in the "Follow The Kyoko-Path"-area. Anyway, if you are looking for ALL Kyoko stuff that I have done so far, I suggest you follow the Kyoko-Path. As this section has grown over the years, I have decided to organize them in packages with a 100 drawings each. All thumbnails are newest to oldest. So it´s 100-1, 200-101 and 300-201, really. Oh, you´ll sort it out. After all you are educated; otherwise you wouldn´t be here, right? :)




This is the OLD Gallery - all works before 2016. Please use the NEW Gallery for recent pictures (Requires free registration to see the naughty stuff). Thank you.