Follow The Kyoko-Path


Follow The Kyoko-Path

Perhaps you are a real Kyoko-friend and you want to see EVERYTHING!

And you want ALL the information!

And you want to understand ALL the jokes!

Or you are too lazy to go through the menue :D

In that case, you can Follow The Kyoko-Path! Yay!

Simply click the image of the very first Kyoko on this page and the first Kyoko-Path-pic will open in a new window. With every click on the following image, you will move to the next one in the same window, using the browser´s back button to move back, if you want to.

You will not move through Kyoko´s world in the order the drawings have been made, but true to Kyoko´s storyline. It starts with the very first drawings, continues with her Manga, moves through the concept-stuff, taking detours to Kyoko´s letters and includes the projects and sketches. The path ends in the most recent piece of work. Only the unblurred hardcorepics would need additional viewing in the forum, which needs registration (but it´s free). The dojinshi are drawn by Kyoko´s friends and not by me - that´s why they are not included in Kyoko´s path.

It is quite a lot of stuff; so if need a break, you can always continue by simply finding the last bit you have seen in the category shown in the menue. E.g., if you would read "Letters 18" and you would click on the last panel, then you would be right back on the Kyoko-path, viewing everything that followed "Letters 18" storywise..

Once you travelled the whole path, you will be totally aware of what´s going on here ^^

Have fun!

Follow The Kyoko-Path