Contest in 2010: Colour Kyoko´s Twin-Sister!

Momentum again... *lol*

When I did a new Kyoko-drawing I suddenly was struck by these eyeballs that had no detailed iris and no pupils. Also I had a comment-exchange with DvDivXXX :icondvdivxxx: at DeviantArt about the Kyoko-T-Shirt-Fun-No.03 concept 30. He told me that the person in the mirror cannot be Kyoko, because the right hand is not a reflection of Kyoko´s left hand (a mistake of mine) - also the horizon would be off limit. He even gave the reflection a name and called her "Okoyk". I argued, that the evil-twin-theme was already done by so many talented artists and that I am not sure if I would be able to do an inspiring story - but now I had my little eye-contact-experience and I have to say... it might work!

So that was the idea: as you can see, I have taken Kyoko and reflected her in Photoshop; also I changed details: pigtails instead of ponytail, no earrings, natural tail-tip and - of course - no detailed iris and no pupils.

colour her

The task was to give her color AND a name more suitful for her appearance. "Okoyk" is witty, but it doesn´t sound. Although Kyoko was still in her beginning back then, I had an amazing reaction and many people took part, sending me their coloured versions and names of Kyoko´s twin sister. And the winner was Lutz, aka Palatin with his drawing of Kaori. The first prize was a Kyoko-mug. Thank you again, Lutz! ^^

concept 30