Welcome To Kyoko Neko, Sassy Cat-Girl From Outer Space!

These pages are dedicated to the wonderful neko (or cat-girl) Kyoko, who explored the universe (Kyoko Manga), accidently came to planet Earth and is now living with Tora Akachan and his family. Getting to know Earth, she has started her own feature, the "Letters To Kyoko", where she´s dealing with this planet´s questions and problems, thanks to the many awesome people writing letters to her. Also Kyoko loves to pose for concept-illustration, which is basically quite naughty; but "Hey!" that´s just the way she is! ^^

If you want to take part, write comments or meet other Kyoko-friends, please register at the forum. It is free of charge, free of ads and free of censorship.


Dear Parents,

Kyoko is a cartoon-character, she is starring in a cartoon-series (Letters To Kyoko), a manga (comic-story) and in funny concept-drawings. Her message is positive through and through and her intentions are to make her readers smile and to make them use their brains.

Kyoko Neko does NOT contain explicit violence. Kyoko Neko DOES contain drawn nudity and (legal) sexual subjects. Being hosted on a German server, German law applies: art can not be porn. Therefore Kyoko is not subject of censorship or graphical restrictions by law. Nevertheless: these pages do NOT contain hardcore images. Trials with kids have shown, that younger do not understand the sexual innuendo or they ignore it, while teenagers merely get red ears. If the kids want porn from the Internet, they can get it a lot easier than here, so please stay cool ^^

If you are not sure what to think, you can read this 18 panels short-strip, in which Kyoko is telling all about herself and this website. Simply click the following image.


Introducing Kyoko


As a post-modern feminist, Kyoko is FOR respect of life, respect of women, respect of partnership, respect of individualism, education and the Freedom Of Speech.

Kyoko is AGAINST violence, discrimination, racism, extremes of politics and religion, oppression and censorship.

Kyoko does not try to influence the reader´s opinion or deeds.

Sexual fetish displayed: feet, glasses, furry, toys, uniforms, soft-bondage and of course neko (cat girls)

As a neko, Kyoko´s character is based on the free spirit of real cats, not on the japanese idea of mindless, clumsy kittens (Kawaii! Awwwwwww!)

Kyoko´s sexual orientation is dominant, obviously. Otherwise she would be a dog girl ^^




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